Arkansas Baseball Firsts

This page is for documenting the first time an event relating to Arkansas baseball occurred.

First mention of baseball in Arkansas: Arkansas Gazette Weekly, May 21st, 1867
First Arkansas-born player in MLB: Emmett Rogers, 1890
First Arkansas-born player in the American League: Harry Kane, 1902
First Arkansas-born player in the National League: Harry Kane, 1906
First Arkansas-born players in Federal League: Bill Bailey and Bert Maxwell, 1914
First player from an Arkansas college in MLB: Chuck Tompkins, 1912
First professional team in Arkansas: Little Rock Baseball Club, 1886
First professional league in Arkansas: Southwestern League, 1887
First minor league team in Arkansas: Little Rock Travelers, 1886
First Hall of Famer from Arkansas: Dizzy Dean, inducted in 1953
First night game in Arkansas: West End Park, July 13th, 1894
First African-American to play Minor League Baseball in Arkansas Uvoyd Reynolds, July 20th, 1954