Hot Springs Giants (1919-1920, 1925)

The Hot Springs Giants were a Negro baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR in 1919 and 1925.


4/28/1919Whittington Park, Hot Springs, ARLittle Rock Quapaws
4/29/1919Whittington Park, Hot Springs, ARLittle Rock Quapaws
6/16/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsL371
6/18/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsL7102
6/19/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsW873
6/21/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Quapaws 4
7/27/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsL025
7/28/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsW526
7/29/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsT 7
7/30/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsL148
3/15/1925Hot Springs, ARMemphis Red SoxW109
4/18/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red SoxL5810
4/19/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red SoxL232
4/23/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red SoxL032
4/25/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red SoxL21011
4/26/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red SoxL253
4/27/1925Memphis, TNMemphis Red Sox


Name BirthDeathNotes
Baird Probably Claudie Beard.1
Battle Probably Rufus Battle.1
Bunn 1
Fred Fields 1
Jackson 1
LeMay 1
McGee 1
Rogers 1
Wells 1

Amps 6
Battle Probably Rufus Battle.6
Beard Probably Claudie Beard.6
Curry 6
Hughey 6
Knog 6
Land 6
McAlister 8
Pettis 6
Roward 8
P. Williams 6

Battles 12 1
Anthony Cooper7/20/1904 in Arkadelphia, AROctober, 19791
Darltie Cooper1903 in Arkadelphia, AR 2/13/1944 in Schenectady, NY1
Craig 3
Griffin 1
Hamilton 3
Kirkwood 3
McNeil 3
Moore 13
Perry 1
Rodgers 1
Shedrick 2
C. Spearman 14 1
Thomas 1
Torpin 3
Taylor 2
Steel Arm Tyler9/26/1905 in Evansville, INJan. 1970 in Elkton, KY2
Wilson 1