Memphis Red Sox at Ray Winder Field

The Memphis Red Sox were a professional Negro baseball team in the Negro American League. The team so frequently played games at Ray Winder Field in Little Rock, AR that the Arkansas State Press called the ballclub Little Rock's "adopted team"(1).


The following is a list of games played by the Memphis Red Sox at Ray Winder Field:

DateTeam 1Team 2Score
5/15/1941Memphis Red SoxKansas City Monarchs7-3
5/30/1941Memphis Red SoxBirmingham Black Barons
9/14/1941Memphis Red SoxNew York Black Yankees6-5
9/14/1941Memphis Red SoxNew York Black Yankees1-2
9/15/1941Memphis Red SoxNew York Black Yankees8-1
4/12/1942Memphis Red SoxChicago American Giants7-8
4/24/1942Memphis Red SoxKansas City Monarchs3-2
4/30/1942Memphis Red SoxJacksonville Red Caps3-2
5/17/1942Memphis Red SoxKansas City Monarchs0-7
5/17/1942Memphis Red SoxKansas City Monarchs4-1
6/7/1942Memphis Red SoxJacksonville Red Caps11-4
6/7/1942Memphis Red SoxJacksonville Red Caps5-2
7/3/1942Memphis Red SoxBirmingham Black Barons6-2
8/26/1942Memphis Red SoxCleveland Buckeyes
6/28/1943Memphis Red SoxCincinnati Clowns1-0
7/19/1944Memphis Red SoxCleveland Buckeyes
4/3/1945Memphis Red Sox Birmingham Black Barons
4/13/1945Memphis Red SoxKansas City Monarchs
4/30/1945Memphis Red SoxBirmingham Black Barons
7/30/1945Memphis Red SoxIndianapolis Clowns
8/27/1945Memphis Red SoxCleveland Buckeyes
9/17/1945Memphis Red SoxNew York Black Yankees
4/14/1947Memphis Red SoxIndianapolis Clowns
6/30/1948Memphis Red SoxChicago American Giants
5/5/1949Memphis Red SoxChicago American Giants3-9
623/1950Indianapolis ClownsHouston Eagles
5/16/1959Memphis Red SoxDetroit Stars


1)Arkansas State Press,5/1/1942