William Summerall

William H. Summerall , born about 1917 in AR1 was a Negro League baseball player.


Summerall was a resident of Blytheville, AR in 19351.

Summerall likely debuted with the Claybrook Tigers. He later played with St. Louis Stars in 1936,2 Donner Hanna in the 1937 Washington League of the Buffalo Municipal Baseball Association in Buffalo, NY, the Buffalo Aces in 1938, and the Memphis Red Sox in 1940.


"ARKANSAS DELTA - W.H. "Big Train" Summerall grew up in the Arkansas Delta and played semi-pro baseball for the Claybrook Tigers in the 1930s and 1940s. The Tigers played against other teams in the National Negro Baseball League, including the Memphis Red Sox and the Birmingham Black Barons.Interviewed in 1982 Summerall recalled, "the team was as good as some of the teams in the professional black leagues but we were considered semi-pro because we weren't in the established league." While playing for the Tigers, Summerall pitched and lost an exhibition game against the Kansas City Monarchs, who fielded the game's finest pitcher, Satchel Paige. Summerall later barnstormed with Paige until major league baseball was finally integrated in 1947, which led to the end of separate black and white leagues."3


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