1875 Foul Flag Association Players

The following is an incomplete list of 1875 Foul Flag Association players:

Unknown Adams La Roques
Horace Allis2/2/1855, in Pine Bluff, AR 1/4/1934 in Little Rock, ARAccidentals
Unknown Beebe La Roques
Unknown Blocher Phenix
Henry C Brookin3/23/1852 in AR3/11/1891 in Little Rock, ARPhenix
William Brookins Abt. 1857 in Arkansas Phenix
George Russell Brown10/10/1852 in Rochester, NY Independents
William T. Butler La Roques
Samuel J Churchill Abt. 5/17/1856 in Arkansas11/13/1915Independents
George Clark Phenix
Frank Compton May, 1856 in AR 4/17/1910 in Fort Smith, ARAccidentals
John B. CuneoAbt. 1852 in New York 1938 La Roques
Andrew Eakin Accidentals, Phenix, Independents
Unknown Ellis Phenix
William Evans (Evins) Phenix
Unknown Farquhar Independents
Arthur Feild 3/10/1856 in Little Rock, AR 6/23/1892 in CaliforniaAccidentals
Ormand Feild 4/23/1858 in Little Rock, AR1932Accidentals
Tolly Feild 12/27/1854 in Little Rock, AR 6/13/1883 in Little Rock, ARAccidentals
W.P. Feild 7/6/1854 in Danville, AR 1932Accidentals
John G. Fennessy 4/6/1853 in Memphis, TN 1/11/1901 in St. Louis, MOLa Roques
William C. Finney Abt. 1851 in TN 1/1/1905 in Little Rock, ARLa Roque
Lorenzo Prentice Gibson8/18/1855 in Little Rock, AR12/29/1919 in Little Rock, ARIndependents
Robert A. Ginocchio8/4/18548/15/1881 in Little Rock, ARLa Roques
James Grant La Roques
Unknown Hammond La Roques
Joe Heinz La Roques
John H. Howe Jr. Abt. 1845 in MO La Roques
Mandeville T. HoweAbt. April, 1860 in KY La Roques
Frank Hufsmith 1/7/1853 in Cincinnati, OH 2/3/1927 in Palestine, TXAccidentals
Chester Jennings 9/27/1857 in Washington, AR 12/11/1919 in Little Rock, ARAccidentals
Charles H Kumpe 7/29/1851 in Tuscumbia, AL Phenix
C.A. La Roque La Roques
William Wilson LaingAbt. 1841 in MO 1929 Phenix
Unknown McDougal La Roques
John W O'HaraAb.t 1856 in New York Phenix
Patrick J O'Hara Abt. 1856 in Canada 8/2/1886 in Little Rock, ARPhenix
Harry Orlopp1857 in OH 6/22/1898 in Fort Worth, TXAccidentals
Unknown Savage Independents
Unknown Scott Independents
Unknown Strong La Roques
Fred Syberg Abt. 1853 in PA May 19th, 1883 in Acambaro, MexicoAccidentals
Wood Tucker 1852 in Little Rock, AR Accidentals
Bud Ware La Roques
Albert Wassell4/22/1851 in Little Rock, AR 12/18/1938 in Little Rock, ARAccidentals
Unknown Welch La Roques
William Booker Worthen9/17/1852 in Little Rock, AR10/23/1911 in Little Rock, ARIndependents
Unknown Wykes Phenix
William ZeislerAbt. 1853 in MO 6/30/1929 in Pulaski, AR Phenix