First Black Arkansans in Professional Baseball

The following is a list of the First Black Arkansans in Professional Baseball, not including Mexican League baseball.

PlayerBirthDebut DateDebut TeamNotes
Julian Ware8/7/1874 in AR1904Sault Ste. MarieFirst black Arkansan in independent baseball
Nate Moreland4/22/1913 in England, AR5/3/1947El CentroFirst black player in Sunset League
Alford Thomas3/6/1926 in Osceola, ARMay 1949Bridgeport
Nathaniel Clifton12/13/1922 in Little Rock, AR6/5/1949PittsfieldFirst black player with Pittsfield
Booker McDaniels9/28/1913 in Kenwood, AR6/15/1949Los AngelesFirst black player with Los Angeles
Art Pennington5/18/1923 in Memphis, TN7/23/1949PortlandResided in Hot Springs, AR
Napoleon Gulley8/29/1924 in Huttig, AR4/31/1950Visalia
Solly Drake10/23/1930 in Little Rock, AR1951TopekaFirst black Arkansan in Major Leagues
Ralph Palmer9/11/1926 in Hope, AR1951Aberdeen
Marshall Riddle4/22/1918 in Warren, AR1951Trois-Rivieres
Bill McCrary11/5/1929 in Beliot, WI1951Janesville
Zeb Walker10/19/1924 in Trout, LAApril 1952Tuscan
Theolic Smith5/19/1913 in Wabbesika, AR1952San Diego
Andrew Porter3/7/1911 in Little Rock, AR1952Porterville
Ollie Brantley9/16/1931 in Marianna, AR1953Wisconsin Rapids
Grover Blacksher8/22/1934 in McGehee, AR1953Borger
Willie Cunningham6/7/1935 in Snow Lake, AR1953Mt. Vernon
Uvoyd Reynolds9/16/1935 in AR1954Hot SpringsFirst black player in Cotton States League
Carl Boles10/31/1934 in Center Point, AR1954Danville
Leon Wheeler7/2/1928 in Little Rock, AR1954Burlington
Floyd Robinson5/9/1936 in Prescott, AR1954Boise
Eddie Handcock2/28/1933 in Wheatley, AR1954Pueblo
Silvester Rodgers1/20/1927 in El Dorado, AR1954Pine BluffFirst black player with Pine Bluff.
Leroy Handcock9/5/1928 in Fargo, AR1955Keokuk
Jesse Gonder1/20/1936 in Monticello, AR1955Odgen
Sammy Drake10/7/1934 in Little Rock, AR1955Macon
James Benton8/15/1926 in Little Rock, AR1955Lewiston