Glen Darrough

Glen Dozier Darrough, born February 4th, 19041 in Arkansas, was a professional baseball player from 1925-1941.


Darrough lived in Coal Hill, AR and worked in the coal mines. He started his career with the Temple Surgeons in 1925.2

Darrough had a tryout with the Philadelphia Athletics in the spring of 1927.3

Darrough died February 13th, 1989 in Coal Hill, AR. He was buried in Coal Hill Cemetery.4


"Pitchers Spike Hunter and Glen Darrough of Dallas have been sold to the Philadelphia Athletics for $20,000, a clear title to Pitcher Scott Perry and another satisfactory player to be selected next season. . . . Darrough is said to have cost the Steers the sum total of $10 in the fall of 1925. Ed Cobb, traveling secretary of the club, gave Darrough a trial with a Dallas amatuer team and later signed him to a [Dallas] Steer contract. He was farmed out to Temple of the Texas Association and later recalled by the Steers."5

"Glenn Darrough, the Daniel Boone of Coal Hill, Ark., . . ."6


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