Hugh Cherry


Hugh Cherry, born September 21st, 19001 2 in Ripley, TN,3 was a co-owner of the Houston Eagles from 1949-1950. Cherry lived in Blytheville, AR most of his life.


Cherry was the son of Sidney Cherry and Julia (nee Ligon) Cherry.4 5 He was born in Tennessee, but moved to Blytheville, AR by 1910. He lived in Blytheville most of his life, working as a pool room and liquor store manager.6 7

In 1948, Cherry became the co-owner of the Negro American League, sharing the ownership with Dr. W. H. Young of Memphis, TN.8 9 He sold his interest in the franchise to Dr. Young before the 1951 season.10

Cherry died February 2nd, 1957 in Rochester, MN11 and was buried in Lane Cemetery, Blytheville, AR.12