Hugh Cherry


Hugh Cherry, born September 21st, 19001 2 in Ripley, TN,3 was a co-owner of the Houston Eagles from 1949-1950. Cherry lived in Blytheville, AR most of his life.


Cherry was the son of Sidney Cherry and Julia (nee Ligon) Cherry.4 5 He was born in Tennessee, but moved to Blytheville, AR by 1910. He lived in Blytheville most of his life, working as a pool room and liquor store manager.6 7

Cherry may have tried out as a catcher with the 1929 Memphis Red Sox.8

In 1948, Cherry became the co-owner of the Negro American League, sharing the ownership with Dr. W. H. Young of Memphis, TN.9 10 He sold his interest in the franchise to Dr. Young before the 1951 season.11

Cherry died February 2nd, 1957 in Rochester, MN12 and was buried in Lane Cemetery, Blytheville, AR.13