Claude Marcum

Claude A. Marcum, born March 17th, 1870 in Arkansas1 , was a professional baseball player from 1889-1900 and a professional baseball manager in 1902 and 1914.


Marcum with St. Joseph in 1893 (The Sporting News, 6/17/1893).
Marcum with St. Joseph in 1893 (The Sporting News, 6/17/1893).
Claude Marcum was most likely born near Bentonville, AR. He grew up in the area as the son of Arbuthnot Marcum and Alexina Smith2 .

Marcum's baseball career may have begun as early as 1889 with Aspen in the Colorado State League3 . In the mid 1890s, he played with the St. Joseph team of the Western Association. He was traded to Cedar Rapids in early 18964 .

Marcum later lived in Joplin, MO and worked as a painter. He also managed several baseball teams in Joplin.

Marcum possibly played with Joplin in 19145

Marcum died January 28th, 1931 in Joplin, MO6 .


"Marcum, who was signed by Aspen as a pitcher, is now played at first regularly, and is a good one, too."7

"Aspen has not tried any of the new talent lately secured, except Marcum, who is holding down first in a creditable manner."8

"Aspen has . . . signed pitcher C.A. Marcum, late of the Texas League."9

"Claud Marcum who has been playing with the Aspens, of the Colorado State League, pitched for the Jenneys and did brilliant work."10

"Marcum, the first baseman, played last season with tbe Waco. Tex., team."11

"Claude S. Marcum, who guards the initial bag [for St. Joseph], is from "Arkansaw," town of Bentonville, and this is his third year out. He began in the Southwestern League in 1891, came to St. Joseph in 92 and is holding down his old post [?] this year. He is of great insight and long and lean and the way he gets around first can ?. Any kind of ball he handles ? and runners cannot knock him off. He is a patient waiter and good hitter and has made a number of stolen bases by his long slides."12

"Manager Work has closed with Claud Marcum to play first base for the new [Galveston] Sand Crabs. "Marc" is a big, hard-hitting player, who covered the initial bag in splendid style for St. Joseph last season and his personal character and habits are of the best."13

"Claude Marcum has played with St. Joseph for the last three years, and is a reliable hitter and good fielder."14

"Marcum has been re-signed, but it is not at all likely that he will don a St. Joseph uniform, because some of the fans in this city are rather sore because he has been here so long. Marcum's first engagement was in 1891, and he has been playing here ever since. Although he is a good, reliable man, he has fallen off considerably in his hitting, and cannot be relied upon at critical times."15

"Marcum, of St. Joe, has been traded for Pitcher Clem Kimmerer, of Cedar Rapids."16

"Quincy is after Claude Maroum, the silent man from Arkansas. Claude is a good first baseman." 17

"Marcum has signed a Quincy contract. He played in St. Joe in '95, and was with the Cedar Rapids Club last season. Marcum is a strong favorite in Quincy. He is a good hitter and a fast baseman. He will occupy the first bag."18

"[Pueblo] Manager Hulen signed Claude Marcum, who played with St. Joseph in 1895. Marcum played first today, putting up a good game."19

"Claude Marcum of Joplin has been working in the interests of a professional team in [Wichita]."20


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