Dennis Biddle

Dennis Biddle, born June 24th, 1935 in Magnolia, AR1 , is a supposed Negro League baseball player from 1953-19542 .


Since 1995, Biddle has claimed to have played with the Chicago American Giants in 1953 and 1954.3 4 5


Some historians have questioned the credibility of Biddle's claims of having played in the Negro Leagues.6 7 Specifically, some have rejected Biddle's claim that he played with the Chicago American Giants 1953 and 1954 in light of evidence suggesting that no such team existed past 1952. Further, there are no known contemporary mentions of Biddle as a player.
5 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/2/1995. This is the earliest known mention of Biddle's claim to have played in the Negro Leagues.
6 "Negro Leagues debate centers on Brewers’ honoree He says he played ball; others doubt life story, fund-raising efforts", Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/2/2006