Edward Moore

Edward Warner Moore, born October 2nd, 1858 in Easthampton, MA, was an amatuer baseball player who claimed to have been the first pitcher to throw a curveball. He resided near Ozark, AR most of his life.



"Edward Warner Moore, old-time pitcher, died at his home on Moores Hill, west of Ozark, Ark., February 5, at the age of 92 years. He once pitcher for the old Boston Clippers, and in 1879 with Little Rock, was credited with winning 30 games and losing only three. He was born in East Hampton [sic], Mass, October 2, 1858. Moore's death revived the controversy over who was the first curve ball pitcher, as during his lifetime, he claimed to have originated the curve, although his age seemed to refute his argument. He would have been only 12 years old in 1870, the date established by Henry Chadwick, early historian of the game, as the first providing documentary proof that Arthur Cummings and Fred Goldsmith threw the curve in competition . . . "1

1 The Sporting News, 2/14/1951