Henry Rogers

Henry Nelson Rogers , born September 25th, 1886 in Pottsville, AR1 , was a professional baseball player in 1909. He was the brother of Fenna Rogers and Brown Rogers.


Henry Rogers (Macon Telegraph, 2/18/1910).
Henry Rogers (Macon Telegraph, 2/18/1910).
Henry Rogers was the fifth of seven children born to North Carolina native James Madison Rogers and Margaret Elizabeth Brown. He grew up in Pope County, AR where the Rogers family was engaged in farming2 . However, when Henry was 11, his mother died.3

Rogers played with the Newport Pearl Diggers in 19094 .

In the spring of 1910, Rogers signed with Macon, GA5 6 . However, he was released on April 5th before the season began7 .

Rogers died on December 17th, 1977 in Earle, AR8 and was buried in Pisgah Cemetery in Pottsville, AR9


"One of them [newly signed players for Macon] is a brother of Brown Rodgers, the able pitcher of the Atlanta club, and was recommended by B. Rodgers. The younger brother pitched 26 games in the Arkansas league last season and besides winning a big majority of them he thumped the pellet to the tune of .346."10

"Henry Rodgers. He has just been signed with the Macon club. He is a brother of Brown Rodgers, of the Atlanta team last year, and hails from Russelville [sic], Ark. Being classed as an infielder, he is 6 feet in height and weighs 160 pounds. His batting average last year was .341."11

"Henry Rogers, who was brought here from the Arkansas league, and signed as an infielder, but who has been playing in the outfielder nearly all the practice games, was given his release yesterday, with a recommendation to the Cotton State league. He will probably find a berth with the Vicksburg club in that circuit."12


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