Hot Springs Base Ball Club (1886)

The Hot Springs Base Ball Club was a baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR in 1886. The team acquired the services of several professional baseball players during the season. Games were played at the Hot Springs Baseball Grounds.


The Hot Springs Base Ball Club was formed in May of 1886.


Player Birth Death
John Jesse Allard 9/5/1858 in Virginia, IL 5/2/1952 in Los Angeles County, CA
John Bailey
W.F. Bassett
George Baxter
Bob Black12/10/1862 in Cincinnati, OH3/21/1933 in Sioux City, IA
Clint Brainard
Jack Brennan9/15/1863 in St. Louis, MO3/24/1914 in Koch, MO
Ed Burk
William Conway
John Coyle
Joe Davis
Jessie DeGrand
Isaac DeGraw
Frank Manahan
Trick McSorley12/16/1852 in St. Louis, MO 2/9/1936 in St. Louis, MO
Ira Payne
Tom J. Pettit8/19/1862 in Germantown, Shelby, TN
John Pettit
Emmett Rogers 10/11/1867 in Hot Springs, AR 10/24/1941 in Fort Smith, AR
William Stoneham*Abt. 1868 in AR
Perry Werden 7/21/1861 in St. Louis, MO 1/9/1934 in Minneapolis, MN
William Wright

*Also known as William Stonehammer and William Stonehouse.

The following is a partial record of the club's 19 known games:

Date Opponent Result
7/14 Malvern W
7/19 Arkadelphia Dale Clippers W
7/20 Arkadelphia Dale Clippers W
7/? Hope W
7/28 Hope W, 15-9
7/30 Lonoke W, 18-1
8/9 @ Fort Smith L, 2-8
8/10 @ Fort Smith L, 7-10
8/11? @ Fort Smith W
8/12 @ Little Rock (exhibition) W, 12-5
8/2_? Arkadelphia Dale Clippers L, 8-9
9/10 @ Little Rock W, 6-4
9/16 Fort Smith W, 9-6
9/17 Fort Smith
9/1_? Fort Smith
9/22 @ Little Rock L, 3-1
9/23 @ Little Rock L, 10-0
9/30 Little Rock L, 7-5
10/1 Little Rock L, 9-0
-- W-L Record: 10-7 (.588)--

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