Independent Base Ball Club (1875)

The Independent Base Ball Club was an amateur team that competed in the 1875 Foul Flag Association.


The Independents were formed in September, 1875 from miscellaneous players and teams from around Little Rock to compete in the Foul Flag Association. The team did well, finishing second in the tournament with a 3-3-1 record. As runners up, the Independents were voted the best club and awarded the championship bat made of 78 different pieces of wood valued over $100 dollars, equal to about $2000 today.

1875 Foul Flag Association Schedule/Results

9/20 Independents 15 La Roques/Red Sox 13
9/27 Independents 18 La Roques/Red Sox 9
9/-- Arsenal 21 Independents 8
10/9 Independents 29 Arsenal 28
10/12 Independents 15 Phenix 15 (tie)
10/18 Accidentals 24 Independents 3
10/-- Accidentals 19 Independents 14
Total3-3-1 (.500, 2nd Place)


George Russell Brown10/10/1852 in Rochester, NY
Samuel J Churchill Abt. 5/17/1856 in Arkansas11/13/1915
Andrew Eakin
Lorenzo Prentice Gibson8/18/1855 in Little Rock, AR12/29/1919 in Little Rock, AR
William Booker Worthen9/17/1852 in Little Rock, AR10/23/1911 in Little Rock, AR