La Roque Base Ball Club (1875)

The La Roque Base Ball Club, also known as the Red Sox, was an amateur Little Rock, AR baseball team that competed in the 1875 Foul Flag Association. The team's name came from player C.A. La Roque, presumably the captain of the club.


The La Roques Base Ball Club was formed about July, 1875. The team soon began practicing but refused to play practice games, much to the curiosity of Little Rockians. On August 26th, the La Roques made their first appearance in a game against the Riversides of Memphis. It seems however that the team's reluctance to practice against other clubs may have doomed them, losing to the Riversides.

In September, the La Roques joined the Foul Flag Association. Again though, the team failed to impress. In 6 games, the La Roques one only once, and finishing last in the five team association.

1875 Foul Flag Association Schedule/Results

9/13 Accidentals 28 La Roques/Red Sox 19
9/18 Phenix 13 La Roques/Red Sox 12
9/20 Independents 15 La Roques/Red Sox 13
9/27 Independents 18 La Roques/Red Sox 9
10/8 La Roques/Red Sox 20 Arsenals 17
10/13 Accidentals -- La Roques/Red Sox 3
Total1-5 (.167, 5th Place)


William T. Butler
John G. Fennessy 4/6/1853 in Memphis, TN 1/11/1901 in St. Louis, MO
William C. Finney Abt. 1851 in TN 1/1/1905 in Little Rock, AR
Robert A. Ginocchio8/4/18548/15/1881 in Little Rock, AR
John H. Howe Jr. Abt. 1845 in MO
Mandeville T. HoweAbt. April, 1860 in KY
C.A. La Roque
Chris Sherry
Bud Ware