Little Rock Shorts (1883-1884)

The Little Rock Shorts were an amateur baseball club based in Little Rock, AR in 1883. The team may have got its name from the relative youth of its players.


Luke E. Barber1/11/1865 in AR 7/26/1923 in AR
Robert Peel Bateman1868March 1897
John B. Bond10/20/1868 AR3/24/1922 in AR
James Alexander Ginocchio7/8/1869/ in Richmond, VA
Walter Graham Hall1/22/1869 in TN 3/27/1944
Harry S. Lasker3/11/1865 in Little Rock, AR 3/19/1925 in Little Rock, AR
Daniel B. Ottenheimer12/23/1865 in PA2/28/1908 in AR
Gus Ottenheimer10/3/1867 in AR9/29/1892 in AR
Emmett Rogers10/11/1867 in Hot Springs, AR 10/24/1941 in Fort Smith, AR
Pratt SavageAbt. 1869 in AR