Phenix Base Ball Club (1875)

The Phenix Base Ball Club was an amateur Little Rock, AR team that competed in the 1875 Foul Flag Association.


The first mention of the Phenix club came in August, 1875. A little later in September, the team entered the Foul Flag Association. Phenix won both of their first two games, but lost the next three and finished the tournament with a 2-3-1 record, tied for 3rd place.

1875 Foul Flag Association Schedule/Results

9/14 Phenix 21 Accidentals 16
9/18 Phenix 13 La Roques/Red Sox 12
9/21 Accidentals 23 Phenix 14
9/28 Arsenal 35 Phenix 20
10/12 Independents 15 Phenix 15 (tie)
10/21 Accidentals 37 Phenix 9
Total2-3-1 (.400, tied 3rd place)


Player Birth Death
Henry C Brookin3/23/1852 in AR3/11/1891 in Little Rock, AR
William Brookins Abt. 1857 in Arkansas
Andrew E Eakin
Henry J English2/5/1849 in Jefferson Co., AR10/25/1923 in Jefferson, PA
Peyton Danley English 1/2/1846 in Athens, AL7/18/1921 in Little Rock, AR
William Evans (Evins)
Samuel William HoltzmanAbt. December, 1850 in Arkansas
Charles H Kumpe 7/29/1851 in Tuscumbia, AL
William Wilson LaingAbt. 1841 in MO 1929
John W O'HaraAb.t 1856 in New York
Patrick J O'Hara Abt. 1856 in Canada 8/2/1886 in Little Rock, AR
William Zeisler