Saul Bertig

Image Saul (Sol) Bertig, born February 14th, 1864 in Krakow, Austria,1 was an amateur baseball player with the 1884 Gainesville Base Ball Club..


The Arkansas Gazette noted on April 16th, 1884 that he was a 'fine fielder'.

Saul and his brother Adolph immigrated to the U.S. from Austria as Jewish orphans in 1880. They traveled as pack peddlers and eventually found their way to Ozark, AR. By 1884, Saul was living in Greene County, AR and playing baseball for the Gainesville Base Ball Club as a left fielder.

Saul lived the rest of his life in Greene County. He and Adolph became very successful merchants, owning a large department store in Paragould, AR. They became very wealthy and invested in various areas, including land, cotton and railways.

Saul's nephew Joseph Bertig later became president of the Northeast Arkansas League.

Bertig died on April 19th, 1945 in Memphis, TN.2 He was buried in Walnut Hills United Jewish Cemetery in Evanston, OH.3