Walter Collier

Walter C. Collier, born about 1872 in MS1 , was a Negro baseball player with the Hot Springs Arlingtons.


Collier played baseball with the Hot Springs Arlingtons.2 3 In addition, he worked as a bellboy and a bathhouse attendant in Hot Springs.

Collier died on November 13th, 1902 in Hot Springs, AR, as a result of an accidental gunshot wound sustained while hunting.4 5 He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hot Springs.6


"Walter C. Collier, well known in this city [Hot Springs], died on the 13th inst., from the effects of a gun shot wound, which he did accidently while hunting. The funeral services were held on Sunday, the 16th at Roanoke Baptist church, under the auspices of Rising Sun lodge No 2, K of P, Rev. J. W. Jackson, officiating."7

"C. Collier—Gunshot, Hot Springs Arlingtons, Hot Springs."8
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