Will Clark

Will Clark was a Negro league baseball player with the 1921 Dallas Black Giants. He resided in Arkadelphia, AR.


Clark, a pitcher, briefly played with Dallas Black Giants in 1921. He was reportedly a resident of Arkadelphia, AR.1 2 3


"Will Clark, big south paw, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas, touted as the second Dave Brown, has arrived and will be among the [Enos] Whitaker starters."4

"Will Clark, a big strapping youngster, who is touted as Dave Brown the second, and roosts at Arkadelphia, Ark., when at home, is among the starters at the Whitaker stable. Clark is a left handed hurler and bats from the heart side and is said to be rated among the best in the country. He is destined to burn up the Texas loop the coming season."5

"Willie Clark the left handed Arkadelphia lad made his debut on the mound for the locals, his debut however was not an auspicious one, but probably there might some hope as yet the season is very young. He was hit freely the four rounds he worked and the visitors made their lone tally of his delivery. Good fielding saved him from further embarrassment."6