Clyde Smith

Clyde Smith, born September 20th, 1901 in Huntington, AR,1 2 was a Negro baseball player from about 1925-1927.


Smith was the son of Anthony and Cynthia "Sennie" (nee Walker) Smith.3 4 He grew up in Huntington, AR.5

Smith, a pitcher, played several seasons of baseball in Sioux City, IA. After playing with his hometown team in Huntington, AR in 1924, he played with the Sioux City Giants in 1925 and 1926.6 7 He also played with the Armour Warriors in 19268 and All-Nations team in 1927,9 both sponsored by Armour Meat Packing Co. in Sioux City.

Smith died on October 31st, 1965 in Emporia, KS.10 11 Smith was buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Emporia, KS.12


"[Sioux City Ghosts player] Clyde [Smith] was with the Huntington, Ark., negro team last season. He has a side arm delivery and is said to have bewildering speed, good curves and a change of pace."13