Negro League Baseball Awards

Various Negro League Baseball Awards were given to Arkansas-born Negro Leaguers.

East-West All-Star Selections

In 1933, the Negro League East-West game was created to parallel MLB's All-Star. The following is a list of Arkansas-born Negro leaguers selected to the game:

John W. Brown1946
Lou Dials1936
Eddie Handcock1953, 1955
Isaiah Harris1952, 1953, 1954, 1955
Byron Johnson1938
Red Longley1938, 1944
Verdell Mathis1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1948
Frank McAllister1938
Booker McDaniels1945
Art Pennington1942 (1st), 1942 (2nd), 1944, 1950
Andrew Porter1937, 1949
Marshall Riddle1939, 1940
Bob Romby1947 (1st), 1947 (2nd), 1948 (2nd)
John Scott1946
Theolic Smith1939, 1943, 1951
Reese Tatum1943, 1946, 1947

North-South All-Star Selections

The North-South game was created in 1934 and originally featured all-star teams comprised of players in the Negro Southern League and players from northern teams. After the collapse of the Negro Southern League in 1936, several similar but less successful North-South games were held through 1938. In 1939, New Orleans sports promoter Allen Page began a successful North-South all-star game played annually in New Orleans featuring teams of star players from northern and southern Negro league teams. The game was played through 1945.

Anthony Cooper1935
Red Longley1934, 1935
Mex Johnson1938
Verdell Mathis1945
Frank McAllister1938
Booker McDaniels1943, 1944, 1945
Andy Porter1934, 1935
Theolic Smith1935
Henry Spearman1943
Goose Tatum1943

Negro League Ballot Nominations

In 2006, the Special Negro Leagues Committee nominated 94 players to potentially be elected to the Hall of Fame. Two Arkansans made the list:
Floyd Gardner
Verdell Mathis

Negro League World Series Appearances

1924Kansas City Monarchs((Harold Morris)
1926Chicago American GiantsFloyd Gardner
1943Birmingham Black BaronsClyde Spearman
1943Birmingham Black BaronsAlfred Saylor
1944Birmingham Black BaronsAlfred Saylor
1946Kansas City MonarchsJohn Scott