Eli Chism

Elijah "Eli" Chism ("Little Chism" or "Lil Chism"), born July 1st, 1916 in Marianna, AR, was a Negro League baseball player from about 1936-1948. He was the brother of John Chism.


Chism was the son of Robert and Winnie Chism.1 He was born in eastern Arkansas but grew up in St. Louis.

Chism was a small but speedy outfielder who began playing Negro baseball in St. Louis as early as 1934 with the St. Louis All-Stars.2 To distinguish him from his older brother John, he was nicknamed "Little Chism" or "Lil Chism."34 Throughout the mid-to-late 1930s, Chism continued to play with various St. Louis teams, most notably the St. Louis Stars in 1936 and 1937. He also played with the St. Louis Giants in the early 1940s before joining the New Orleans Black Pelicans in 1942.5 After World War II, Chism returned to baseball with the 1946 Cleveland Buckeyes and the 1947 Birmingham Black Barons. He also played on a barnstorming all-star team after the 1947 season alongside his brother John and a number of other well-known Negro leaguers.3 His final season in Negro baseball came in 1948 with the St. Louis Braves.6

Chism died on April 4th, 1982 in St. Louis.7


"Elijah (Eli) Chism, an outfielder with the Cleveland Buckeyes and Birmingham Black Barons in the old Negro leagues, died April 4 in St. Louis. He was 65."7


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