Hale Field

Hale Field was a baseball park in Osceola, AR and was the home field of the Osceola Indians in 1937.


Hale Field was located at what was then the Osceola High School on Hale St, presumably influencing the ballpark’s name. The field was built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration for the use of the high school, replacing the Osceola Indians former ballpark, Osceola Park.

The ballpark included a grandstand capable of seating 1,000 spectators. In addition, the field was lighted for night baseball and club rooms were built underneath the grandstand.

Hale Field opened to professional baseball on May 9th, 1937. The Osceola Indians continued to play there for the remainder of the season, but finished 5th in the 6-team Northeast Arkansas League and did not return for another season. Professional baseball never returned to Hale Field, but high school football and baseball continued to be played there for many years. Sometime around 1980, the ballpark was removed and today, the Academic Center of Excellence is located partially where Hale Field once sat.


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