Harry Kane


Harry Kane, born Henry Centenial Kohn,1 2 born about July 27th, 18763 in Hamburg, AR,4 was a professional baseball player, manager and umpire from about 1900-1932.


Kane with Denver in 1901.
Kane with Denver in 1901.
Kane was the son of Jewish immigrant Samuel Kohn and his wife Augusta (nee Schultz) Kohn.5 In November, 1885, his father was murdered by a business rival.6 The murderer was sentenced to death by hanging, but instead committed suicide in prison.7

Kane died on September 15th, 1932 in Portland, OR while umpiring in the Pacific Coast League.8 He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Oakland, CA.9


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1 Most baseball records give his birth name as Cohen. However, his family name was most often recorded as "Kohn" on family member documents. See 1880 U.S. Census; his mother's obituary in The Jewish Voice, 7/15/1910; the New York City Death Record of his daughter; his Texas County Marriage Record, etc.
2 Kane's middle name "Centenial" was recorded in his WWI Draft Card. This middle name gives credence to 1876 as his birth year.
3 WWI Draft Card, recorded in Santa Rita, NM while Kane was working for Chino Copper Company. The Evening Sun (Baltimore, MD), 8/21/1918 confirms the identity of Harry Kane.
4 Kane's The Sporting News Umpire Card. The 1880 U.S. Census, 1910 U.S. Census and 1930 U.S. Census also support his birthplace as Arkansas.
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9 Oakland Tribune, 9/20/1932 Many sources inccorectly identify his burial place as Portland, OR.