Hot Springs Baseball Trail

The Hot Spring Baseball Trail is a series of markers in Hot Springs, AR noting various locations around the city related to professional baseball.


The Hot Springs Baseball Trail opened in 2012. It was created by Steve Arrison with assistance from baseball historians Bill Jenkinson, Tim Reid, Don Duren, Mike Dugan, Mark Blaeuer and Gregg Patterson.


Markers are located at the following 26 places in Hot Springs:

Historical Inaccuracies

  • Marker #11 states that Babe Ruth hit a 573-foot homerun at Whittington Park on March 17th, 1918, though the actual distance of this homerun is unknown and debated.
  • Marker #18 states that the surrounding vicinity was the location of the Hot Springs Baseball Grounds, used by the Chicago White Stockings. Although this is possible, the exact location of the ballpark where Chicago trained is unknown.
  • Marker #19 states that Brooklyn trained at Majestic Park, when in reality, Brooklyn only ever trained at Whittington Park.
  • Marker #25 states that the Pittsburgh Crawfords, Homestead Grays, Memphis Red Sox, and Kansas City Monarchs trained at Sam Guinn Field. It appears, however, that these teams actually trained at Fogel Field.