Hot Springs Blues (1887)

The Hot Springs Blues were a professional baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR in the 1887 Southwestern League.




Shell Black "of Memphis." Brother of Bob Black1
Burke Hot Springs resident.
Charles Bradley2 "of New Orleans"
Conway 3
E.S. "Steve" Conway "Late of St. Joe." "a Cincinnati boy"4
Gus Creely6/6/1870 in St. Louis, MO4/22/1934 in St. Louis, MO
Frank HoffmanHouston, TX "Secured from the Southern League," "Of New Orleans"
Kelly Hot Springs resident. Maybe Mat.5
Lang "late of the defunct Mobiles"
David Mitchell "Of St. Louis"6
Payne Hot Springs resident
Emmett Rogers
Frank Weikart1865 in St. Louis, MO7 7/17/1933 in Montgomery, AL
Welch "of Memphis"8

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