Little Rock (1891)

Little Rock was a professional baseball team based in Little Rock, AR in 1891.




Fabian Probably Henry Fabian
Billy Hoggins
Willard Holland
Gus Sharinghausen
Russell Steinhoff


"Little Rock, March 25 - Special Correspondence:- Little Rock is going to have the best team in its base ball career. Billy Hoggins and Mat Hornibrook are the managers of the team. We are to be champions of the State and the Southwest. The team Hoggins is getting together will make some of the minor league teams hustle to beat us in a game. Holland is the guest of Hoggins here. He has a good position, and unless Kansas City gives up more than she offered him he will stay here and play with the Little Rock club. Hoggins is one of the finest ball players who ever game to this State. if we had a few more such as he, we would have a dandy without a doubt. As a catcher he is unexcelled and is always working like a steer to win. Pine Bluff, Fort Smith, Memphis, Texarkana and Van Buren will this year will have clubs. We will have likely times next season. Hoggins is tending bar at the Green Room Saloon. He has The Sporting News on file every week. The team will be composed of Hoggins, Holland, Steinhoff, Pryor, Sharinghausen, Fabian, Campbell, Marshall, Newton, Ward and Baldwin."1
1 The Sporting News, 3/28/1891, p.1