Little Rock Black Travelers (1945)

The Little Rock Black Travelers were a Negro baseball team in the 1945 Negro Southern League. The team played games at Travelers Field.


The Negro Southern Schedule was divided into a split season. The first half began on May 6th, and finished on July 4th. Little Rock finished seventh among eight teams in the first half with 9-22 record (19). Shortly after the second half began in late July, the Black Travelers moved to Richmond, VA due to "difficulties with the Little Rock baseball park" (1). This difficulty was likely an over-booking of Travelers Field.

After Little Rock dropped out, the team barnstormed around the mid-west.

Little Rock was owned by Sam Parks (10).


The Negro Southern League schedule was divided into a split schedule. The following is a record of those halfs before the team moved to Richmond, as can best be understood:

First Half

Second Half

Non-League Games



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