Little Rock Giants (1887)

The Little Rock Giants were a minor league baseball team based in Little Rock, AR in 1887. The team competed in the Southwestern League.


Russell Steinhoff
Russell Steinhoff



Daniel Bettis1 Played with Pine Bluff first. Maybe from St. Louis2.
E.S. "Steve" Conway
Hunter Counts312/31/1859 in AR5/5/1945 in Shoreacres, TXLittle Rock Resident.
Hugh R. Craig41866 in GA9/29/1902 in Atlanta, GA5From Atlanta
Charles G. Fisher6 With St. Joseph in 18867. Some connection to Newport, AR2.
John E. Hennessey Maybe from St. Louis2.
Bob Hogan2
W.S. Leighton Birmingham in 1885 and Macon in 1886
Henry9 "Shorty" Lloyd
John Rademacher10
Russell Steinhoff
Dick StickneyAbt. 1865 in NY11 From Montgomery, AL. Brother of Bill and Lindsey "Lincoln" Stickney
Bill H. StickneyAbt. 1860 in Alabama12/16/1932 in Atlanta, GA12From Montgomery, AL. Brother of Dick and Lindsey "Lincoln" Stickney13
John Quincy Adams Struck14Abt. 1865 in KY15 From Louisville
John Thomas Terrell166/29/1867 in Louisville, KY7/9/1893 in Louisville, KY
Thorpe1 Played with Pine Bluff first. Maybe from St. Louis2.
Ed Tracy From New Haven, CT

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