Nisei Baseball in Jerome, AR

A Nisei baseball game at the Jerome War Relocation camp, taken from the book Through a Diamond: 100 Years of Japanese American Baseball

Nisei Baseball was played at the Jerome, AR War Relocation Camp during World War II.


During World War II, thousands of Nisei Americans were relocated to a War Relocation Authority camp in Jerome, AR. Baseball was commonly played by the internees. Among those who were held at the camp include Nisei baseball star Herb "Moon" Kurima. On August 23, 1943, the Jerome All-stars baseball team played the Arkansas A&M College club. Kurima pitched for Jerome and shut out the opponents 6-0.


The following is a list of known Nisei baseball players stationed at the Jerome Camp:
Herb "Moon" Kurima
George Omachi
Bill Tsukamoto
Jim Tsukamoto
Yosh Tsukamoto