Purity All-Stars

The Purity All-Stars were a Negro baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR in the late 1940s.


Before the 1949 season, the Purity All-Stars were named as a member of the newly formed Negro Texas League.1 However, the team was replaced in the league by Birmingham at the beginning of the season.2


7/27/1947Sam Guinn StadiumJunction City (AR) Giants/Black CatsW2153

1947 Roster

Spencer Cableton ("Papa Meathouse")Abt. 1912 in AR Manager4 5
James 6
James Pennington3/25/1921 in Hot Springs, AR 9/22/2005 in St. Louis, MO7
Eddie Stuckey7/22/1914 in Gurdon, AR 12/5/19918
Art Wesson 9
Charles Williams 10
John Williams5/29/1922 in Jonesboro, AR 1/19/1973 in Fort Wayne, IN 11
Phelix Wright6/28/1903 in Sevier, AR 9/11/1974 in Hot Springs, ARManager12

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