Alfred Holden

W. Alfred Holden, born about 1850 in Kentucky,1 was a sponsor of the Hot Springs Arlingtons.


Holden was the headwaiter of the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, AR from about 1894-1898.2 Before this, he was a headwaiter in Boston, MA where he was an officer in local waiter associations.3 4

According to baseball writer Dave Wyatt, Holden was the sponsor of the Hot Springs Arlingtons. Writing about the circa 1897 Arlingtons team in the February 2nd, 1910 edition of The Freeman, Wyatt noted:

"Mr. Al Holden, formerly an old minstrel man from up around Boston, was head waiter at the Arlington at the time and as he had a sufficient supply of this world's goods, he was picked as the real "angel" to back the club."5

Holden's association with the Arlington Hotel is presumably the origin of the "Arlingtons" team name.

Holden died on February 7th, 1898 and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Hot Springs.6


"“Colored headwaiters of Boston and vicinity met last night in the rooms of the New Marlboro Club and effected a permanent organization, with the following officers: . . . Vice President, W. Alfred Holden."7

"The colored head waiters of this city have recently formed themselves into an association named the Head Waiter’s Progressive Association. . . . The officers of the association are: . . . Vice President W.A. Holden."8

"The Arlington Hotel which is under the same management as the Eastman, also has a white head waiter, a Mr. St. Clair, who succeeded the late Al. Holden who was a well known colored headwaiter and was employed at the Arlington for four years."9

"Mr. St. Clair is headwaiter at the Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Ark., for the fifth or sixth season. He has been there since Al. Holden died with the exception of one season."10