Angelo Marre

Michael Angelo "Angie" Marre, born about 1883 in Arkansas, was a professional baseball player from 1904-1906.


Marre was from Little Rock, AR. He was perhaps the son of, or otherwise related to, Angelo Marre (died 1889), a wealthy man who was known as a criminal in Memphis, TN and later built the Villa Marre in Little Rock. It is possible the younger Marre lived in this house.

Marre played with Baton Rouge and Hopkinsville in 1904 and Cairo from 1905-1906.

Marre died in August, 1959 in Sydney, Australia.1


"The Baton Rouge club has released utility player, Augie Marre. He has signed with Pine Bluff."2

"Marre, or Little Rock, formerly of the Baton Rouge, La., team, has signed with the locals, but was claimed by Clarksdale, Miss. President Robt. Pender, manager of the Baton Rouge team, Saturday, which contained the following: "Marre can play where he pleases. Clarksdale has no claim.""3

"Secretary Farrell, of the National League, to whom an appeal was taken, has decided that Angelo Marre, the second baseman disabled at Cairo, belongs to Hopkinsville. Clarksdale, miss., claimed him. Marre is here and hais hand is imporiving rapidly and he will be ready for playing by next week."4

"Micheal Angelo Marre, 2nd Base."5

"Mr. M. A. Marre, captain of the Hopkinsville Base Ball Team, left Sunday for his home in Little Rock, Ark."6

"M.A. Marre, the K.I.T. second baseman, who played with Hopkinsville, has by a decision of the National League, been awarded to Clarksdale, Miss. An appeal will be taken. Hopkinsville sold Marre to Minneapolis last September, but this decision upsets all plans laid."7

"The Minneapolis Club has purchased . . . second baseman Marre of Hopkinsville."8

"The Jackson Club has . . . signed Angelo Marre, a Little Rock boy, to play second base."9

"Angelo Marre may go to Minneapolis as negotiations are now going on which will probably land the fast second baseman with W.H. Watkins' Millers."10

"Cairo has secured Angie Marre, pronounced "Marie," who is said to be rich and plays baseball because he likes it. He was with Hopkinsville last season."11

"Angelo Marre, of Little Rock, who will play with Cairo this season again, will go to St. Louis with Cairo delegation."12

"Angelo Marre, Cairo's captain and second baseman, is known as "Dude" Marre over the circuit. the Gascon is a handsome, affable chap, college bred and dignifies the game. He's a ball player, despite the gingerbread. -Mattoon Morning Star."13

"Capt. Angelo Marre, of the Cairo baseball team, has jumped the game, and the Mud Wallowers are "up against it." They put great reliance in Marre's work. Probably the rotten bunch that Cairo is said to have caused him to become disgusted."14

"The following item from the Cairo Bulletin shows that Marre is still among the living: "Angelo Marre in a letter from Little Rock received yesterday by Mr. McCarthy stated that he and his wife have been very sick, but both are now convalescent."15

"The sudden disappearance of Captain Marre, of Cairo, has left that team in much trouble. Marre departed for parts unknown after the club had lost several exhibition games."16

"Marre, Michael Angelo. Funeral date August 20, 1959, at his residence, 17 Plumer Road, Rose Bay. Dearly loved husband of Margaret Adrienne Marre, loving father of John Michael, Rex joseph (deceased), fond father-in-law of Marjorie Angela, and dear grandfather of Angela, Rex, and john. Requiescat in pace."17


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