Bud Woodfork

Bud Woodfork, born about 1891, was a Negro baseball player with the Kloethe Reds in 1910.


Woodfork played with the Kloethe Reds in 1910.1

Woodfork died on July 27th, 1912 in Hot Springs, AR.2 3 He was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Hot Springs.4


"Hot Springs, July 27. --Bud Woodford, catcher on the Kloethe Reds, a negro baseball aggregation, was shot and killed early this morning by J. R. Carter, also black. Carter is a paralytic and says that two months ago Woodford severely beat him. Late this afternoon, half an hour prior to the killing, Woodford is alleged to have again assaulted Carter, when the latter went to Keatchem's saloon, where is employed as a porter, armed himself and, returning to the negro restaurant where Woodford was talking to two women, and shot him. Woodford ran out of the restaurant and a second shot was fired at him as he staggered across the street. He fell dead on the opposite side of the street. Carter surrendered, but would make no statement."5

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