Charles Sherwood

Charles Sherwood was a professional baseball player from about 1892-1902.


Sherwood was typically noted as a resident of Kansas City.1 He played for several seasons with the Kansas City Stars and other amateur and semi-professional teams in Kansas from about 1887-1891.2 3 He first appeared in professional baseball with Memphis in 1892.4 5 He also played with Vicksburg later in the season.

In January 1893, the Sporting Life noted that Sherwood might sign with Mobile. On February 25, the Sporting Life noted Sherwood was a "promising young pitcher" with "good curves and plenty of speed".6 By March, Charles Sherwood was listed as a member of the Mobile club.7 The Times-Picayune listed him as from Kansas City.8 Mobile released Sherwood in May.9 He signed with New Orleans in June, but was released on the 23rd and possibly signed with Natchez.10 In July, Sherwood signed with Lewiston, MA.11 He played three game there before transferring to Dover of the same league.

In 1894, Sherwood played in the Western Association with Jacksonville, Des Moines and Quincy.12

In 1902, Sherwood returned to professional baseball with Nevada in the Missouri Valley League.13


"Pitcher Sherwood, who worked with Memphis a short time last season, will wear a Mobile uniform this season. Sherwood is an Arkansas boy who never saw a game of baseball in his life until he dropped into Memphis one day last season. He thought he could pitched and two or three times during his engagement he did pitch. All winter he has been working hard."14


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