Claybrook Tigers

The Claybrook Tigers, mid 1930s. Back Row, left to right: Charlie Henderson, Alfred Saylor, Dan Wilson, Bill Ball, Logan Hensley, and John Lyles. Middle row: Theolic Smith, Walter Calhoun, Roosevelt Tate, Jessie Askew, and unknown. Front row: "Handful" Davis, Bill Adams, and Emmett Wilson.

The Claybrook Tigers were a professional Negro baseball based in Claybrook, Crittenden County, AR during the 1930s. The team operated in the Negro Southern League between 1935-1936. Games were played at Claybrook Field and Russwood Park in Memphis.



The Tigers played very busy schedules, often over-booking games. The following is a partial record of the Claybrook Tigers' schedule:

1932 New MadridW
1933Claybrook, ARvs. Dubisson TigersW, 8-4
1933England, AR
1933Pine Bluff, AR
1933Forest City, AR
1933Claybrook, ARArkansas Bear CatsW, 8-0
1934 Pine BluffL
1935 Monroe MonarchsW
1935 Monroe MonarchsW
4/21/1935San Antonio, TXSan Antonio Black MissionsW, 19-1
4/21/1935San Antonio, TXSan Antonio Black MissionsW, 9-6
4/27/1935Laredo, TXLaredo LulacsW
4/28/1935Laredo, TXLaredo LulacsW
4/28/1935Laredo, TXLaredo LulacsW
5/4/1935Laredo, TXLa JuntaL, 3-1
5/5/1935Laredo, TXLa JuntaL, 3-1
5/5/1935Laredo, TXLa JuntaL, 6-5
5/11/1935 MonterreyL
5/12/1935 MonterreyW
5/12/1935 MonterreyL
5/16/1935Laredo, TXBenavides BravesW, 8-7
7/4/1935Claybrook, ARCuban All-Stars6-4
7/4/1935Claybrook, ARCuban All-Stars7-0
8/11/1935Moberly, MO Gatewood-BrownsW, 10-4
8/12/1935Moberly, Mo Gatewood-BrownsW, 20-1
8/20/1935Moberly, MOMoberly Merchants
10/6/1935San Antonio, TXSan Antonio Black MissionsW, 4-2
10/6/1935San Antonio, TXSan Antonio Black MissionsW, 4-1
10/12/1935Monterrey, MexicoMonterreyL, 4-9
10/17/1935Laredo, TXLa Junta
10/19/1935Corpus Christi, TXInternationals
10/20/1935Corpus Christi, TXInternationals
4/5/1936Clarksdale, MSClarksdale MonarchsW, 8-2
4/19/1939Chicago, ILChicago American GiantsL, 7-8
4/19/1939Chicago, ILChicago American GiantsW, 4-3
7/26/1936Memphis, TNMonterrey W, 8-0
7/26/1936Memphis TN Memphis ChicksW, 2-1
8/16/1936Trenton, MO
8/17/1936Chillicothe, MoCrookshank Bankers
8/30/1936Memphis, TNCincinnati Tigers
10/4/1936Memphis, TNvs. Northern All-StarsT, 1-1


Bill Adams
Jessie Askew2/2/19141/5/2000 in St. Louis, MO
Bill Ball
Walter Calhoun8/21/1911 in Union City, TN10/2/1976 in Cleveland, OH
Clifford Collins
"Handful" Davis
Charlie Henderson
Logan Hensley 2/16/190010/1971 in St. Louis, MO
John Hundley
L. Ladney
John Lyles3/12/1912 in St. Louis, MO7/15/1991
Larry Patton
Double Duty Radcliffe 7/7/1902 in Mobile, AL 8/11/2005 in Chicago, IL
Johnny Ray 1/8/1907 in Nashville, TN 4/1971 in Laurel Bloomery, TN
Lore Redman (2)
Alfred Saylor12/31/1911 in Blytheville, AR May, 1966
Theolic Smith 5/19/1913 in Wabbesika, AR11/3/1981 in Compton, CA
William Summerall
Roosevelt Tate7/10/1909 in MS11/1978 in Caledonia, MS
Olan "Jelly" Taylor7/7/1910 in London, OH 10/1976 in Cleveland, OH
Dan Wilson7/13/1913 in St. Louis, MO 12/23/1986 in St. Louis, MO
Emmett Wilson1/10/1913 in Yazoo City, MO 2/26/1991


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