Crump Park

Aerial of Crump Park, 1943.
Aerial of Crump Park, 1943.

Crump Park or Crump's Park was a Negro baseball park in Little Rock, AR. The field was home of the 1932 Little Rock Greys and the 1933 Little Rock Stars of the Negro Southern League, as well as various other black baseball teams in Little Rock during the 1930s, ‘40s and '50s. The field was located at 33rd and States streets in south Little Rock.


Crump Park was named after Arthur Crump, who owned a store across from the ballfield and helped organize recreation for black youth in south Little Rock.1 Although primarily used by the black community, Crump Park was also occasionally used by white amateur and semi-pro teams.

It's not apparent when Crump Park was built. The first known mention of baseball at the site is from 1929.2 It's also unclear what kind of structural features were included at the park. In Untold Stories by Darren Ivy and Jeff Krupsaw, former Kansas City Monarch shortstop and Little Rock native Byron “Mex” Johnson recalled that Crump Park was among the ballparks in the city with bleachers.3

Crump Park's most notable moments came in 1932 and 1933 when it became the home field of Little Rock Greys and the Little Rock Stars of the Negro Southern League. On April 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 1933, the Little Rock Stars played three exhibition games with the Pittsburgh Crawfords at Crump Park. Future Hall of Famers Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston, Judy Johnson and Cool Papa Bell played in the series.4 5 6 The park was also the home field of various all-black semi-pro teams, including the Dubisson Tigers. On April 18th and 25th of 1937, Crump Park hosted exhibitions between the Dubisson Tigers and the St. Louis Stars of the Negro American League.7 8 9 10

The ballpark no longer stands, but Crump Park is now recognized as a Little Rock city park. Recreational football and baseball fields are now present on the site.

Significant Games

DateLocationTeam 1RTeam 2RNotes
4/1/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Stars6Pittsburgh Crawfords3
4/2/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Stars6Pittsburgh Crawfords20
4/3/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Stars6Pittsburgh Crawfords10

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