Ed Orr

Edward Manning Orr, born February 5th, 18861 in Arkansas, was a professional baseball player from 1906-1907 with the Little Rock Travelers and in 1908 with the Argenta Shamrocks.


As a youth, Orr gained a favorable reputation playing amatuer baseball in Little Rock, though he showed little interest in playing professionally. After the Little Rock Travelers suspended catcher Andy Anderson indefinitely for assaulting an umpire in June 1906, Orr was recruited to take his place.2 Orr agreed, but refused to sign a contract or accompany the team on road games.3 Nevertheless, while playing part-time with Little Rock, Orr was reportedly recruited by the New York Giants of the National League,4 but turned the offer down.5 Total, Orr played 20 games with Little Rock in 1906 and hit .239.

In 1907, Orr continued to play part-time with Little Rock. Though he initially started the season without being under contract,6 he later signed with Little Rock to remove doubt in regards to his eligibility.7 After performing poorly and experiencing trouble with his arm, Orr chose to retire from professional baseball during mid-season.8 Notwithstanding, he continued to play amauter baseball in Little Rock for many years. He also briefly played with the Argenta Shamrocks in the 1908 Arkansas State League.

The Sporting Life noted that he attended the Arkansas Military Academy.9

Orr died on February 6th, 1923 in Oklahoma City, OK.10 He was buried in Fairlawn Cemetery in Oklahoma City.11


"In the event Kahlkoff does not arrive, Ed Orr, a Little Rock boy who has caught for several amatuer teams in the city, will be put behind the bat. Orr is a good and steady worker, and as a catcher but few of the professionals who have come to this city with Southern League teams have anything on him."12

"The receiving yesterday was done by Ed Orr, a local boy, who has played with various amatuer teams about the city. He consented to play in order to help the club out, and he did help out in the most acceptable manner, notwithstanding the efforts efforts of the visitors to rattle him by yelling at him from the bench."13

"Ed Orr, probably the fastest amatuer player in the city, who has been catching for the Travelers during the suspension of Anderson, was yesterday offered a permanent position with the team, but declined to accept. He says that he does not intent to enter professional baseball ranks. Orr's work behind the bat in the two games he has caught has been all that could be asked and so impressed Chief Zimmer that he hastened to offer him a permanent berth. Orr will catch today for the Travelers."14

"Ed Orr, the Little Rock amatuer who has been catching for the Travelers during the past week or ten days, may become a member of Muggsy McGraw's New York Giants next season, according to a story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, which says: "Orr may receive a trail with the New York Giants prior to the finish of the present season, according to a letter received from Maanger McGraw. McGraw left instructions during the spring with an agent in the South whose duty it is to tip off all promising material in the Southern League. McGraw was wired about Orr and his letter received today is to the effect that he will draft the Arkansas boy at the proper time. Orr did not go with the Little Rock team to Memphis, nor will he be accompany[ing] the team on any of its trips. He says, however, that he is willing to catch for the team while it is in Little Rock."15

"Ed Orr did not accompany the team, as he has refused to participate in any games except those played in Little Rock."16

"Collegians continue to cut into Southern base ball circles, the latest acquisition being Eddie Orr, a local lad of athletic mold who hails from the Arkansas Military Academy. Orr made his debut with Little Rock, taking the place of Anderon, the suspended catcher. Orr backed up Brady in great fashion, fielding nicely and throwing two stealers out."17

"Ed Orr, the local catcher, about whom there has been so much discussion in league circles as to his eligibility to play with the [Little Rock] Colts while not under contract, has at last signed a contract and will play with the club regularly. He signalized his re-entry into the game by making two hits, one a clean triple. His throwing arm is a little rusty from want of practice, but with a few days' work will be in shape."18

"Orr, of Little Rock, has quit playing to take a position in his line. He looked good."19

"Ed Orr, formerly of Little Rock, died yesterday morning at his home in Oklahoma City, according to word received here yesterday. Mr. Orr was the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Orr. He is survived by one brother, Ernest Orr of Denver, Col. At one time when the team was under the management of Mike Finn Ed Orr was a member of the club as a catcher. Previously he had played amatuer ball in Little Rock where he had played attracted the attention of Mr. Finn. Orr later was with the Atlantic club and later was sold to the New York Giants. He refused to report and retired from professional baseball. For several years he had lived in Oklahoma and was assistant manager of the Oklahoma Furniture Manufacturing Company at Oklahoma City."20

"Funeral services for Ed Orr, formerly of Little Rock, who died Tuesday in Oklahoma City, were held yesterday afternoon from his Oklahoma City home. Mr. Orr was sick only one week. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Orr, and his brother, Ernest Orr of Denver, Col., were with him at the time of his death."21


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