Henry Spearman

Henry Allen Spearman ("Jake"), born about 19101 in Arkadelphia, AR,2 was a Negro League baseball player. He was the brother of Charles Spearman, Codie Spearman, Willie Spearman, Hayse Spearman, and Clyde Spearman. See Spearman Family.


Henry Spearman was the son of Iverson and Fannie Spearman and grew up near Arkadelphia, AR.1 He later lived in Asbury Park, NJ.3

Spearman appears to have went missing around 1950. After seven years of disappearance, he was presumed dead in 1957.4

Spearman's son Leslie "Pete" Spearman5 was an all Big-8 Conference basketball player at Arkansas Baptist College.6


"Henry Allen Spearman, hard hitting all-round player who was traded to Pittsburgh Crawfords last winter is expected to don a Pittsburgh uniform sometime this week. Spearman held down third base for Homestead Grays last year but started out with his home team in Arcadelphia [sic], Ark., as a pitcher. Later he was shifted to the outfield and worked the hot corner for the first time with Homestead Gray doing a mighty fine job. Like all other Spearman’s, Henry hits hard and runs like a deer. The youngster and Gus Greenlee could not come to terms on salary early in the spring, and he remained out of harness. A new contract, carrying better figures, has been submitted and Spearman has indicated that he will sign and join the club immediately."7

"Upon Reading and filing the complaint of Adalaide Spearman, from which it appears that the said Henry Allen Spearman has absented himself for more than seven years from his last known residence which was at 101 Borden Avenue, in the township of Neptune, New Jersey. It is on this 8th day on January 1957, ORDERED that all persons interested show cause before this court in Monmounth County Courthouse, Freehold, New Jersey on the 8th day of February 1957, at ten o’clock in the in the forenoon why judgment should not be rendered, declaring Henry Allen Spearman to be dead, and that the said Henry Allen Spearman did not have any property, real or personal, life insurance, or any assets of any kind of description whatsoever."7


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