Lloyd Moseby

Lloyd Moseby, born November 5th, 1959 in Portland, AR, was a professional baseball player from 1978-1983.


Moseby was the son of Terry and Birdo Moseby. He lived in Portland, AR, until age nine when he moved to Oakland, CA. Moseby's parents later moved backed to Portland. Moseby has expressed pride in his Arkansas nativity.1


"“Most people don’t know I’m from Arkansas, but I’m proud to say I was born in Portland and lived there until I was 9 years old,” Moseby, 30, said this week when the Tigers came to Arlington Stadium to play the Texas Rangers. “I have a tremendous amount of ties there. A lot of my family still lives there.” Moseby’s parents moved his family to Oakland, Calif., when he was 9, but his mother –who died last year – and father moved back to Portland five years ago. “They wanted to move back to Arkansas and get away from the crowd, Moseby said. “They were tired of the city.”"2


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