Negro League Spring Training in Marianna, AR

Marianna, AR, hosted Negro League Spring Training in 1938 when the Buffalo Aces trained in the city. The Buffalo Aces had a strong connection to the Claybrook Tigers.1


Yesterday Buffalo's colored Aces baseball team left for Claybrook. Ark., where they will begin spring training. This team is officially connected with the National Colored Baseball League and under the leadership of L. Henderson."2

"Buffalo, an associate member of the Negro National League, trained at Marianna, Ark., a small town near Memphis, Tenn."3

"The Buffalo club Is comprised of numerous stars who last year played with various clubs In the circuit, as well as many new finds who are rated fine players. The Aces are ready and eager for their title campaign following nine weeks of training at their camp in Marianna. Ark."4
1 Many of the Buffalo Aces players were former players on the Claybrook Tigers, including Alfred Saylor, William Sumrall, Elton Gladney, Leonard Henderson, Johnny Ray, Jimmy Ford, Bill Hoskins, and others. The team was also likely tied to the Donner Hanna club in the 1937 Washington League in New York.