Nick Jones

Nicholas Jones, born about September 17th, 1902 in Arkadelphia, AR,1 2 was a Negro baseball player from about 1924-1939.


Jones was the son of Nicholas Jones and Mattie (nee McClanahan) Jones of Arkadelphia, AR.2 3

Jones may have played with the Memphis Red Sox in 1924.4 For a number of years, Jones lived in Sioux City, IA,5 6 and played with various teams based there, including the Sioux City Ghosts in 1925 and 1928,7 the Sioux City All-Stars in 1926, the Kary All Stars in 1929,8 , and the Colored House of David team from 1929-1931.9 10 He also played the Scotts Giants of Des Moines, IA, in 1928, the John Donaldson All-Stars in 1932, and the Butte Colored Giants from 1936-1939.11

Jones lived in Butte, MT, in 1940.12


"[Sioux City Ghosts player] Nick Jones, outfield. Jones played last season with the Memphis, Tenn., Red Sox."13

"Nick Jones from the Colored House of David starts in left [for the Butte Colored Giants]"14
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