Pine Bluff White Sox

The Pine Bluff White Sox were a Negro baseball team in Pine Bluff, AR in 1915.


In June 1915, the Pine Bluff White Sox intended to arrange for a three game series with the Little Rock 400s.1 However, when the team arrived in Pine Bluff on June 21st, it was realized that the White Sox had accidentally arranged for games with a white team from Argenta, AR. In order to play the game schedule for that evening, a white team from Pine Bluff was substituted to play against the Argenta team. The White Sox played the series against the Little Rock 400s later that week.2


6/?/1915Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sW 3
6/23/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sL 4 , 5
6/24/1915Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sL036 , 7
6/26/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARMoscow Giants 8
7/5/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARMissouri Pacifics (North Little Rock, AR)L6129 , 10
7/20/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sW5111
7/21/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sL5612
7/21/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sL4513
7/22/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARDardenelle (AR)W3014
7/22/1915Washington Park, Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock 400sW9715
8/16/1915Longley Park, Pine Bluff, ARGethsemane AthleticsL51116
8/17/1915Longley Park, Pine Bluff, ARGethsemane AthleticsL5817


Altheimer 18
Bigby 19
Brown 20
Burks 21
Burns 22
Craig 23
"Great Big Liz" 24 , 25
Jones 26 , 27
McCrary 28
Shorty 29
B. J. Spigener Manager30 31
A.T. Washington Captain32 33
Whitemore 34