Vapor City Tigers

The Vapor City Tigers, also known as the Vapor City Giants and Hot Springs Giants, were a Negro league baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR, from 1919-1921. The team may have operated in the Arkansas Negro League during the 1910s.1 Home games were played at Whittington Park


The team was managed by Fred Fields and owned by Dave E. Johnson.2


4/28/1919Whittington Park, Hot Springs, ARLittle Rock Quapaws
4/29/1919Whittington Park, Hot Springs, ARLittle Rock Quapaws
6/16/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsL373
6/18/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsL7104
6/19/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock QuapawsW875
6/21/1919Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Quapaws 6
4/26/1920Whittington ParkArkadelphia Giants 2
4/27/1920Whittington ParkArkadelphia Giants 2
4/28/1920Whittington ParkArkadelphia Giants 2
7/27/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsL027
7/28/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsW528
7/29/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsT 9
7/30/1920Kavanaugh Field, Little Rock, ARMadison StarsL1410
3/?/1921McGehee, ARMcGehee All-StarsW8211
4/7/1921Hot Springs, ARChicago American GiantsL2712


Name BirthDeathNotes
Baird Probably Claudie Beard.3
Battle Probably Rufus Battle.3
Bunn 3
Fred Fields 3
Jackson 3
LeMay 3
McGee 3
Rogers 3
Wells 3

Amps 8
Battle Probably Rufus Battle.8
Beard Probably Claudie Beard.8
Curry 8
E. Fredick 2
Hughey 8
Knog 8
Land 8
McAlister 10
Pettis 8
Roward 10
P. Williams 8

Amps 13
Battles Probably Rufus Battle.13
Beard Probably Claudie Beard.13
Cooper Possibly Darltie Cooper.13
Saul Davis2/22/1901 in Bayou, LA 2/8/1994 in Minot, ND
Hughey 13
Land 13
McAllister 13
Moore 13
Pettus 13
Poindexter 13
Rogers 13
S. Spearman Probably Codie Spearman.13
Willie SpearmanAbt. 1899 in Arkadelphia, AR 13
Wells 13
Williams 13