Weaver Cowan

Image William Weaver Cowan, born March 2nd, 18921 or 18932 in Lamar, AR, was a professional baseball player from 1913-1920. He was the brother of Edgar Cowan.


Cowan was the uncle of actor Lana Turner.

In 1919, Cowan played in the outlaw Copper League3 .

Cowan died on October 1st, 1934 and was buried in Lamar Cemetery in Lamar, AR4 .


"Infielder Bloom and pitcher Peddy, have been released by the Albany Club, of the South Atlantic League, aud Weaver Cowan, an infielder- outfielder from the Georgia-Alabama League, who batted .314 last season, and Waldron, a heavy-hitting infielder from the Atlanta Club, have been secured."5


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