Professional Career Totals Records among Arkansans

The following are Professional Career Totals Records among Arkansans. In this case, only players who qualify as True Arkansans or Native Arkansans are included (see Definitions. Some Arkansans may be inadvertently absent from the lists. "Professional" baseball is here defined as major league, minor league, independent, fall and winter leagues, and foreign leagues. Not included are statistics from spring training, exhibition games and postseason games. Because statistical records for some league seasons are not available, some totals may be incomplete. These such career totals are marked by a "+" symbol.

Games Played

Brooks Robinson3220
Torii Hunter1 3036
Ray Powell2982
Bryant Nelson2 2703+
Smead Jolley2701
Jim King2269
George Kell2226
Sherm Lollar2207
Don Kessinger2201
Boss Schmidt2076+
Arky Biggs2059
Bill Dickey2042
Jim McKnight2017
Lloyd Moseby1954
Travis Jackson1858
Wally Moon1809
Gene Stephens1809
Walter Schmidt1788+
R.C. Otey1778
Kevin McReynolds1775
Dib Williams1714
Lee Tate1711
Babe Ellison1686


Smead Jolley3564
Brooks Robinson3209
Torii Hunter3093
Ray Powell3084+
Bryant Nelson2933
George Kell2583
Arky Biggs2262
Bill Dickey2224
Don Kessinger2052
R.C. Otey1992
I.B. Palmer1986
Jim McKnight1982
Travis Jackson1950
Babe Ellison1942
Lloyd Moseby1900
Boss Schmidt1887+
Doug Lewis1867
Jim King1848
Kevin McReynolds1791
Dib Williams1732
Wally Moon1725
Otis Brannan1720


Smead Jolley751
Torii Hunter627
Bryant Nelson576
Brooks Robinson541
I.B. Palmer483
George Kell464
Ray Powell451+
Doug Lewis413
Bill Dickey395
Babe Ellison391
Arky Biggs363
Fred Bennett361+
Kevin McReynolds355
Lloyd Moseby344
Jim McKnight331
Jim King322
Travis Jackson315
Roy Sanner304
Clyde Glass302
Otis Brannan300
Sherm Lollar300


Ray Powell250+
Arky Biggs134
Marv Blaylock105
Smead Jolley98
Travis Jackson95
Bill Dickey89
Boss Schmidt88+
Babe Ellison87
Don Kessinger85
Wally Moon85
Dib Williams84
Lloyd Moseby83
George Kell83
Ernie Horne81
Brooks Robinson80
Clyde Glass79
Babe Benning~76
Art Parks~76

Home Runs

PlayerHome Runs
Torii Hunter418
Smead Jolley382
Brooks Robinson295
Kevin McReynolds276
Jim King252
Bryant Nelson251
Pat Seerey242
Sherm Lollar240
Lloyd Moseby229
Roy Sanner220
Bill Dickey217
Roy Johnson217
Carl Boles172
Wally Moon171
I.B. Palmer198
Fred Bennett198+
Jim McKnight184
Kinnis Pledger169
Bud Hutson161
Jesse Gonder158
Randy Jackson150


Rube Robinson329
Harry Kelley319
Jimmy Zinn308
Joe Berry269
Jim Huey Walkup259
Lon Warneke223
Dizzy Dean 209
Schoolboy Rowe205
Johnny Sain197
Hank Wyse194
A.J. Burnett 191
Floyd Speer 189
Mutt Williams 185
Ellis Kinder 181
Gene Bearden 179
Nate Moreland 178
Joe Pate 175+
Cliff Lee 171
Preacher Roe 171
William Ellis169

Innings Pitched

Rube Robinson~4942.0+
Jimmy Zinn4712.0
Harry Kelley4580.1
Joe Berry4163.0
Jim Huey Walkup3718.0+
Lon Warneke3388.1
Mutt Williams3216.0+
A.J. Burnett3181.1
Johnny Sain2964.2
Grady Adkins2809.2+
Schoolboy Rowe2803.1
Hank Wyse2752.2
Dizzy Dean2720.0
Floyd Speer2708.0
Gene Bearden2650.2
Preacher Roe2644.1
Cliff Lee2601.0
Ellis Kinder2525.0

1 Hunter's stats include 1998 Arizona Fall League season.
2 Nelson's Games Played stats are missing from the 1996 Arizona Fall League season.