Little Rock Black Travelers (1931-1932)

The Little Rock Black Travelers were an independent Negro league baseball team based in Little Rock, AR from 1931-1932. Home games were primarily played at Booster Park in North Little Rock, AR. This team should not be confused with the Little Rock Grays (1931-1932) of the Negro Southern League.


The Little Rock Black Travelers were established as an independent Negro team in 1931 by North Little Rock black grocery store manager Jesse Powell.1 The team was managed by Earl Taylor and played home games at Booster Park in North Little Rock. The name "Black Travelers" mirrored that of the white minor league Little Rock Travelers.

In June of 1931, the Black Travelers sought to enter the Negro Southern League.23 However, for unclear reasons, the Negro Southern League awarded the franchise to J. J. Floyd's Little Rock Grays. The Black Travelers continued to play independently through the remainder of the season.

In the spring of 1932, owner Jesse Powell represented Little Rock at meeting in Monroe, LA to plan a proposed league of teams based in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.4 The formation of the league failed, however, and Powell instead sold the Black Travelers to local black service station owner Ernest "Buddy" Nolan.56 However, the Black Travelers played only a few games early in the season before Nolan died on April 16th.7 The Black Travelers seemingly dissolved shortly afterward.


5/10/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARNashville Giants 8
5/12/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARArkansas Baptist CollegeW1219, 10
5/?/1931Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City Red SoxW7611
5/31/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARMissouri Pacific Boosters (North Little Rock, AR) 12
6/19/1931Abbott Field, Camden, ARCamden (AR)W6413
6/28/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARMcGehee (AR) All-StarsW7114
7/4/1931Arkansas City, KSArkansas City (KS)L4615
7/5/1931Arkansas City, KSArkansas City (KS)W9315
7/6/1931Arkansas City, KSArkansas City (KS)W8315
7/15/1931Kavanaugh FieldOklahoma City Black IndiansW7116
7/26/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARHelena (AR) 17
7/?/1931 Standard OilersW9318
7/?/1931 Standard OilersW7018
7/30/1931 McGehee (AR) All-StarsW5218, 19
7/?/1931 McGehee (AR) All-StarsW9119
8/?/1931Pine Bluff, ARPine Bluff (AR) GiantsL1320
8/?/1931Little Rock, ARCuban House of DavidL31521
8/9/1931Casino Park, Monroe, LAMonroe (LA) MonarchsL61422, 23, 24
8/9/1931Casino Park, Monroe, LAMonroe (LA) MonarchsL11022, 23, 24
8/16/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARSibley's Tigers 25
8/23/1931 Little Rock GraysW2026
8/23/1931 Little Rock GraysW4226
8/30/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARLittle Rock GraysW32First game.27
8/30/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARLittle Rock GraysW32Second game.27
9/6/1931Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City Black IndiansW4128, 29
9/6/1931Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City Black IndiansW2030, 29
9/?/1931Muskogee, OKMuskogee (OK) ChiefsL3429
9/?/1931Muskogee, OKMuskogee (OK) ChiefsW11529
9/8/1931 Sallisaw (OK) 31
9/10/1931 Sallisaw (OK) 31
9/13/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARCamden (AR) StarsW7132
9/13/1931Booster Park, North Little Rock, ARCamden (AR) StarsW5432
9/?/1931Little Rock, ARCotton Belt GiantsW1033
9/?/1931Little Rock, ARCotton Belt GiantsW4333
9/?/1931Muskogee, OKMuskogee (OK) Won four of eight-game series.34
10/4/1931Casino Park, Monroe, LANashville Elite Giants 35
10/4/1931Casino Park, Monroe, LANashville Elite Giants 35
10/5/1931Casino Park, Monroe, LANashville Elite Giants 35
3/27/1932Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock Pirates 36
4/3/1932Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock PiratesW7337
4/10/1932Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock GraysL1438


Earl Ackerson 39
Lewis Anderson 39
Bland 10
Chink Chiles/Childs/Childes 18, 26, 40
Cobb 11
Horace "Sonny Boy" Cole1/11/1908 in Little Rock, AR4/21/1971 in Little Rock, AR19
Conway 10
Bob Cooke 40
Eagle 39
Hank Johnson 29
Johnson 41
Jones 10
McGruger 40
Pete McQueen3/26/1909 in Arkansas5/1/1985 in West Seneca, NY39, 28
Moore 40
Richardson 10
Danny Thomas 39, 20
Sammy Thompson 42, 43
Wilbourn 11
Williams 29

William Bradley 5
Robert Hughes 36
Andrew Porter3/7/1910 in Little Rock, AR7/1/20105
Marion Smith 5

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