Career Totals Records among non-Major Leaguers from Arkansas

The following are Career Totals Records among Arkansans who never played in the Major Leagues. Players connected to Arkansas by birth only are excluded. Career statistics include totals from minor leagues, independent leagues and foreign leagues. This list should be considered incomplete. Because statistical records for some league seasons are not available, some totals may be incomplete. These such career totals are marked by a "+" symbol to indicate the total should be greater, or a "~" to indicated an approximate total.


Arky Biggs2059
R.C. Otey1778
Kinnis Pledger1489
Possum Moore1450+
I.B. Palmer~1434
Roy Sanner1426
Doug Lewis1409
Bud Hutson1382
Jack Love1334+
Ernie Horne1332


Arky Biggs2262
R.C. Otey1992
I.B. Palmer1986
Doug Lewis1867
Clyde Glass1561
Roy Sanner1529
Ernie Horne1549
Thorpe Hamilton1477
Jack Love1357+
Babe Benning1341+

Home Runs

Roy Sanner220
I.B. Palmer198
Kinnis Pledger169
Bud Hutson161
Walt Matthews137
Doug Lewis137
Vince Liberto127
Bob C. Hyatt120+
Brandon Jones109
Lyle Casey99
Kevin Burns98


Nate Moreland178+
Joe Pate175+
William Ellis169
Ed Hill166
Bill Hair160
Ollie Brantley156+
Dean Franks143
Thomas Pullig139
Roy Sanner137
John Adcock123
Roy Buckalew122